More women in tech!

Two great benefits of having more women in the tech industry are innovation and learning. Having teams made up from different walks of life showcasing different experiences and perspectives results in an intersection of varied ideas and solutions, says Sandra Teh, Chief Culture Officer, APJC at Amazon Web Services. A team that lacks innovation obviously […]

Girls, how does it feel to be in Tech?

I stumbled on an article that sought answers to the question “Girls, how does it feel studying physics?”. It was interesting reading stories of young girls in high school who had different experiences finding themselves in the science department. Most especially were the shared experiences of girls saying many did not believe girls can choose […]

Women Tech Innovators

TECH INNOVATION INSIGHTS Innovation is ever so thrilling. When you hear of something new, especially in the tech domain, you tend to marvel at the wonders of man’s mind. What seemed practically impossible, is becoming archaic as innovations in the tech space have become the order of the day. But even more appealing is when […]

Women, forget the myths and learn a techskill!

Come to think of it, You are probably a millennial or a generation Z and for the most, you are one of those every other person has an expectation of about how your life should be or where you should be by now. For the most part, you probably have great interests and ideas on […]


Digitalization is a global tool that is being exploited by many high-revenue-seeking brands in the digital world of today. It is a word that has evolved in tandem with technology moving from a numeric value only in the 17th century to a monetary value in the 20th and 21st centuries. While other words such as […]

Award Nomination

Hello, fam! what’s popping? Guess what? Yesterday, the Bonteh Media Network, the organizing committee of the Bonteh Digital Media Awards released their 2021 nominees list. And guess who made it to the list under the category of WOMAN IN TECH, your favorite Data Girl, @Selma Ndi. Thank you all so much for nominating our Woman […]

Digital Presence

Happy new week people! We are a few hours to go for our intensive Web development boot camp. Goals have been set, our lessons set and the tutor is so ready to deliver the best as always. This particular session will be very intense, and engaging as well. Students will be expected to carry out […]

Marketing the future of Women in tech!

We are on a mission to spread the gospel of Tech to women and girls in Cameroon and across Africa, empowering them with digital skills for financial independence. We are invading the nations with every fiber of influence in us, ready to conquer because we know for sure that the future of work is Tech […]

Understanding Your Journey.

There is no Rainbow without the rain! The path we choose to follow in life has its own kind of struggles and roadblocks to escape before we ever reach our destination. Each one is on their lane and no two people have the same path to follow. Your path might just look like mine but […]

Keeping on with Your Legacy!

Friends, Have you thought of your legacy lately? Maybe it once crossed your mind that you will one day not be there physically to do the things you once did for humanity, or maybe not. Either way, a constant reminder that no one will live forever is necessary to keep each one of us on […]

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