Women Tech Innovators


Innovation is ever so thrilling.

When you hear of something new, especially in the tech domain, you tend to marvel at the wonders of man’s mind.

What seemed practically impossible, is becoming archaic as innovations in the tech space have become the order of the day.

But even more appealing is when these tech innovations are done by women.

Women are taking up spaces in the innovation sphere and they are really doing amazing stuff.

No wonder Shaherose Charania, Co-Founder, and CEO of Women 2.0 rightly says,

Women no longer have an ‘if I can’ mindset. Now it’s more about ‘how I can’— be in tech, start something in tech, fund something in tech. That shift is exciting! And it happened because we created a network where we show, daily, that women are innovating.”

Women are not only proving the world they can but are busy demonstrating to younger girls how they can as well!

The gift is not only in the fact that we empower women in Cameroon with digital skills but that these women can earn from it, create opportunities for themselves and be able to do the same for others.

We have tested and seen that tech is good, now we want every girl in Cameroon and central Africa to feel the same.

We are team datagirltech.com

We are women in tech innovators!