Understanding Your Journey.

There is no Rainbow without the rain!

The path we choose to follow in life has its own kind of struggles and roadblocks to escape before we ever reach our destination.

Each one is on their lane and no two people have the same path to follow. Your path might just look like mine but it is not.

Everyone’s journey in life is unique to them: their experiences, the kind of homes they live in, their purposes as well as their choice of career.

Understanding the differences in our journeys is a great step to accomplishing our goals. You might be in the same workplace with one person and receive the same pay but your responsibilities are different.

In order for the one with bigger responsibilities to have enough for tomorrow, he or she must work extra hard, invest more, and save more.

Having this understanding helps you to handle your life as a unique entity rather than try to compete and compare with those around you who do not have the struggles you do.

Datagirltech.com enrolls students who come from all walks of life, while some have previous knowledge on tech, others come in fresh. When we have them come, we treat everyone at the same level and always take our courses at the level of the slowest student.

That notwithstanding, we encourage our students to understand their battle way ahead of time and arm themselves for it. “Don’t come out to fight a lion with a machete when you know that you can’t go 10cm close to a zoo. You need a more sophisticated weapon like a gun”

Point is, if you know you want to grow in the building of Web development Applications, without a tech background, you need to put in the extra effort. You must understand the world of tech, its jargon, the people, and put in extra hours daily to practice. Read about tech-related articles to keep yourself braised with the field.

When you do these, in less than no time you will be sitting at the table of back-end Web developers as a professional!