Digital Presence

Happy new week people!

We are a few hours to go for our intensive Web development boot camp. Goals have been set, our lessons set and the tutor is so ready to deliver the best as always.

This particular session will be very intense, and engaging as well. Students will be expected to carry out projects which at the end of the day, your project will set you apart in the job market!

We are team https://www.linkedin.com/company/data-girl-technologies

We are out to empower women and girls with digital skills for financial independence!

We equally provide web solutions to small businesses thus, we are here to give you a digital presence!

For those who hope to be there for the training, registration is still ongoing- Contact 670595283.

This Bootcamp is both onsite and online, distance is NOT a barrier!

BTW who noticed the change in the domain name extension? datagirltech.org

Have a fruitful week ahead!