Keeping on with Your Legacy!


Have you thought of your legacy lately? Maybe it once crossed your mind that you will one day not be there physically to do the things you once did for humanity, or maybe not. Either way, a constant reminder that no one will live forever is necessary to keep each one of us on the edge of our actions.

There is an African proverb that says even the best dancer on stage will retire sometime. Though topics as this are hardly desirable to talk about, it is important to think of them every day. When you clearly define what it is you want others to remember you for, you will work out every day as if it were your last.

Definitely, a lot about our choices, habits, words, and actions will change if we are truly conscious of how important life is not just to us but to the generations ahead. The reason why you are still lazy around and try not to bother about the next step is that you do not bother about the legacy you intend to leave.

Just as Socrates put it, the unexamined life is not worth living. Imagine if our forefathers who invented technology did not put their minds to work to ensure that the future generation will live better lives, what would have been of us?

Each day as you celebrate life, wine, and dine, always take out time to reflect on the impact you have created. It is not enough to be in existence. Make your existence an exception by adding a legacy as you travel through life’s journey.

It does not have to be the biggest innovation. Let it start from a change of attitude from self-centeredness to people-centered. Organizations such as Apple, Google, Data Girl Technologies, would not exist if people were satisfied with existence only. The zeal to meet humanity’s needs and create legacies has led many to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

-What is that idea you have been longing to bring alive? Do you know that that might just be your legacy?

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