The tech industry's gender imbalance is no longer a secret. Just 17% of tech specific jobs are held by women. From toys to language, teaching basic skills and busting gender myths from an early age could encourage more women into tech careers. Given that technology is now part of our culture, girls should learn to speak its language so as to become future leaders. That is why we at Data Girl Technologies empower girls with digital skills so as to give them an equal shot.

Selma Ndi

Selma Ndi

CEO & Founder Data Girl Technologies
Selma Ndi

About Us

We are a Tech Startup with headquarters in Bamenda, but located in Limbe, Southwest Region, Cameroon. We offer Web and Soft Technology Services to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Institutions in and around Limbe and the Southwest Region of Cameroon. We offer services in website design, development, hosting, digital marketing, and web maintenance. We have ventured into the industry to offer superior and unique services to small businesses and institutions because we have come to realize most startups don’t have the finances to support the digital presence.

There is a huge gender gap in Soft Tech; so we provide the opportunity through empowerment programs for more girls to acquire digital skills that can easily be monetized for sustainable finances and become key actors and advocates in near-future for the IT Industry in Cameroon. Our experience and expertise in web design, training, and business development gives us a backing to provide solutions that are currently lacking in the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower girls and women with digital skills all across Cameroon and central Africa.

Our Vision

To provide accessible, and streamlined web and sustainable soft tech services to small businesses and institutions. Using our system, we will offer various types of web solutions that will be tailored to serve the changing needs of our clients.

Our Objective

To empower 1000 young girls with digital skills every year, we expect a progression rate of 20% thru 40% to 60% in the next three years.

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What We Do

We are passionate about providing the best IT services while empowering girls and women with top-notch IT skills in Cameroon and Central Africa

Web Development

We build web applications, design and maintain them

Social Media Promotion

We take your business to where the customers are

Digital Training

We run accredited lessons on web development


We partner with accredited companies to optimize your web application

Content Creation

We work with writers to create powerful content for your web applications

Email Marketing

We use data and beautifully crafted messages to reach your customers

Meet Our Top Volunteers

We have volunteers that are passionate. They range from journalists using tech to change the world, through entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.

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Beverly Ndifoin


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