Celebrating team memebers

Hello SQUAD! Today, we say a big shout-out to one of us, Eposi Frida, who recently became a Mandela Washington Fellow, after being selected among thousands across Africa, for the annual Yali Mandela Washington Fellowship taking place in the US of A. The 2022 Yali Mandela Washington Fellow is placed at the prestigious #lacoco Institute at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania where she will learn […]

Girls, how does it feel to be in Tech?

I stumbled on an article that sought answers to the question “Girls, how does it feel studying physics?”. It was interesting reading stories of young girls in high school who had different experiences finding themselves in the science department. Most especially were the shared experiences of girls saying many did not believe girls can choose […]

Celebrating women in the Cameroon ecosystem

Hello Techies! Who else is loving this new era of women in STEM around here? #techwomen in Cameroon are nothing short of #phenomenal and have grown past the “if I can mindset” to more of “how can I”… Get to know these heroes in the tech space: #EL of the day is Cameroon’s tech women fellow, founder, and CEO […]

A happy International Women’s Day 2022!

Woman, You are a quill to a world of torn papers. You are the hand rewriting history in the best ways ever and you are creating a future void of bleak experiences. You are art the world would never cease to behold! A wonder to every mankind! In your little as well as big wins, […]

Operations Manager of Data Girl Technology

Hello World! Just as promised, we will for the next few days be unveiling the Data Girl team to you, one after another. Meet our very first, the Operations Manager of Data Girl Technologies: The avid and versatile Ntein Precious Natang. She is a content writer, a tech enthusiast who loves to code, and has […]

Empowering Women in Tech!

For those familiar with this part of tech: “codes”, you know how it is when you miss out on a line of code and your outcome is a whole disaster? Oh! That feeling! It aches! I guess that is probably what transpired with Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram the last time it was shot down! The […]

We appreciate your support!

Data Girl Technologies has been around for quite a while now serving her community with excellent IT services while empowering women and girls with top-notch IT skills. As an edu-tech company, she shares over her social media platforms insightful, intriguing as well as eminent content on topical issues that concern computer technology as a whole. […]

We are on Forbes Magazine

Hello technation! It is true what they say, “hard work pays”. Yesterday, the CEO of, SELMA NDI was honored with groundbreaking publicity: She featured on Forbes magazine as one of and the only Cameroonian among the 25 female founders entering The Future Is Female PR mentorship program. Here is the link to the full […]

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