More women in tech!

Two great benefits of having more women in the tech industry are innovation and learning.

Having teams made up from different walks of life showcasing different experiences and perspectives results in an intersection of varied ideas and solutions, says Sandra Teh, Chief Culture Officer, APJC at Amazon Web Services.

A team that lacks innovation obviously is not a learning team and definitely not a growing one. Innovation comes with challenges, brain-racking, stretching and versatility. That is why diversity is a necessity in today’s digital world.

Be ready to leave what you taught was your dream to what is actually the future.

I am glad that our CEO, Selma Ndi realized this years back and today we are leading a train of women in Cameroon to embrace this new innovation. You don’t have to quit school or your job, all you have to do is learn a skill to become better.

But note that to every dream you seek to realize, you must be ready to sacrifice!

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