Beyond Nerdity and programming bugs!

There is something in computer technology, called “bugs”. Simply put, these are errors in one’s code that causes a malfunction in the computer program.

When there is a bug in your code, your program automatically has a malfunction which causes your program to read different results from what you create.

And until a bug is sorted out, a typical programmer would hardly ever sleep. That is why it is commonplace to identify most computer programmers, techies, and wizards as “Nerds”.

Mark you, behind this “nerdity” is the critical thinker, problem-solver, and solution-driven innovator constantly helping humanity come to a step closer to self-actualization.

These nerds are the reason for the ease with which you run business today. They are always on their feet making sure there are no “bugs” between you and your dreams.

And believe me, if you’re still thinking you can make it without nerds, you’ll definitely make it in your next life..lol!

Need I remind you that tech is the future and that future is female?

Well, this is that Friday where we give a shout-out to our female nerds who are changing the narrative and we call on other young girls not to be scared of nerdity, well tech, I mean!

Consider it, a way of using your mind to set the world ablaze. You are a help to others!

Yes, you can be part!

Join our next set of girls as they embrace this journey come July 5th!

Registration link: datagirltech.com




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