Cohort 2 of Full Stack Web Development programming

“In some ways, programming is like painting. You start with a blank canvas and certain basic raw materials. You use a combination of science, art, and craft to determine what to do with them.”
-Andrew Hunt

At the same time, it is fun, collaborative, creative, and insightful.
You get the opportunity to process thoughts faster, think critically and be smart while making a lot of money.

There are a good number of girls joining us for the second cohort of our 3months Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp.

Taking us for the first month is the founder herself, Selma Ndi (DataGirl)- IMBA

It is going to be 3months of “everyday code”, with or without prior knowledge of computer programming.

Our goal is to take them from zero to hero! And we believe we will, ’cause it’s what we do!

NB: Special thanks to our cohort1 graduates who are of great support to the team.

Watch this space dear recruiters ’cause you’ll soon be needing our girls.

We are raising the next generation of tech talents across Africa.