Cohort 2 of Full Stack Web Development programming

“In some ways, programming is like painting. You start with a blank canvas and certain basic raw materials. You use a combination of science, art, and craft to determine what to do with them.”-Andrew Hunt At the same time, it is fun, collaborative, creative, and insightful.You get the opportunity to process thoughts faster, think critically […]

Beyond Nerdity and programming bugs!

There is something in computer technology, called “bugs”. Simply put, these are errors in one’s code that causes a malfunction in the computer program. When there is a bug in your code, your program automatically has a malfunction which causes your program to read different results from what you create. And until a bug is […]

More women in tech!

Two great benefits of having more women in the tech industry are innovation and learning. Having teams made up from different walks of life showcasing different experiences and perspectives results in an intersection of varied ideas and solutions, says Sandra Teh, Chief Culture Officer, APJC at Amazon Web Services. A team that lacks innovation obviously […]

Becoming the next big thing

Hi techies!!! Today I just wish to remind you that there are over 7 billion people breathing on earth. In that 7 billion, there are at least 213.65 million companies out here according to Statistica and at least 6 billion people working extremely hard to become the next big thing. Truth be told, you got […]

Celebrating team memebers

Hello SQUAD! Today, we say a big shout-out to one of us, Eposi Frida, who recently became a Mandela Washington Fellow, after being selected among thousands across Africa, for the annual Yali Mandela Washington Fellowship taking place in the US of A. The 2022 Yali Mandela Washington Fellow is placed at the prestigious #lacoco Institute at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania where she will learn […]

Successful Graduation

Last weekend was an exciting weekend for us at Data Girl Technologies. We graduated our maiden cohort of Full-Stack Web Developers and we had them showcase a product of their three months stay with us. Trust me when I say we are the best at honing. You need to see some of the digital solutions […]

Call For Applications!

Our doors are now open to receiving your applications for Cohort 2 of our Full-Stack Web Development BootCamp!!! If you want to become a part of the next generation of Full-Stack Web Developers,here is your chance! Apply for our cohort 2 intensive BootCamp training and become a Full-Stack Web Developer in just 3months! Apply now […]

Graduation of Maiden Cohort

And here we are dear friends, graduating our 2022 maiden cohort of Full Stack Web developers. It has been an intense 3months of practical knowledge acquisition and we cannot wait to show you what our girls have been up to. You should get ready with your hires cause these girls will sweep you off your […]

Girls, how does it feel to be in Tech?

I stumbled on an article that sought answers to the question “Girls, how does it feel studying physics?”. It was interesting reading stories of young girls in high school who had different experiences finding themselves in the science department. Most especially were the shared experiences of girls saying many did not believe girls can choose […]

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