Empowering Women in Tech!

For those familiar with this part of tech: “codes”, you know how it is when you miss out on a line of code and your outcome is a whole disaster? Oh! That feeling! It aches! I guess that is probably what transpired with Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram the last time it was shot down!

The results we get online when it comes to browsers, websites, search engines, mobile applications and all that exists, thanks to developers, have with it a lot of sweat and blood. We need accolades, please!

Being part of a huge invention as technology is a big deal. To all those out there especially in tech, who are stretching their minds to make the world a better place, be it developers, designers, cyber security agents et al, Hats off! Keep raising the bar!

On a more special note, kudos to all the women out there who have broken stereotypes, fear, and limitations, and ventured into tech, you all are our WCE(woman crush every day).

As we have always told you, tech is that space that offers more than enough opportunities for you as a lady. Why ignore the very thing that will help you better position yourself on the global scene? You must not become a tech Woman if you are not passionate about it. But you must be acquainted with tech in order to better serve in either public or private sectors in the world’s economy.

Data Girl Tech is here to help you achieve that! We empower women and girls with digital skills in Cameroon. We are a full operating agency at datagirltech.com. We are the opportunity you need to get you to where you want to be!

BTW, our coding Bootcamp is going on well, wait for results!