Graduation of Maiden Cohort

And here we are dear friends, graduating our 2022 maiden cohort of Full Stack Web developers. It has been an intense 3months of practical knowledge acquisition and we cannot wait to show you what our girls have been up to. You should get ready with your hires cause these girls will sweep you off your […]

Tech, the Ultimate tool for wealth creation

It took our fathers and grandfathers years of work and experience to find their uniqueness and way of wealth creation. Today, it will take us some level of intelligence to tap into our identities and earn. And in the future, it will take our children their own share of input to gain wealth. Let’s call […]

What does it mean to be responsible?

What does it mean to be responsible? The thing about waiting on others most times is that you never have a plan of your own and you appear to be irresponsible. I have stood by the roadside for over an hour waiting on a friend who forgot we planned a trip together and decided to […]

How to build brand visibility!

Building a business brand is beyond building on a creative and well-targeted audience. Every brand developer must have one core idea at the center of their brand. No matter how skillful you are at marketing your brand, without an essential brand proposition, there will be a little multiplier effect in your business. Just as it […]

Excelling in Digital skills!

Hey Guys! Born in us are two spirits that of excellence and that of mediocrity. Each of these spirits is locked inside a box within us. All boxes can be accessed if the right codes are entered. One thing with these two is that one can easily be accessed than the other. If you decide […]

Be Creators of your own future!

Hello, friends of Data Girl Technologies! Drawing from life experience, if you do not love what you see or what others do, save yourself some trouble by creating yours. You will agree with me that every successful business idea sprung from a point of dissatisfaction. Bill Gates was not satisfied with the level of technology, […]

We appreciate your support!

Data Girl Technologies has been around for quite a while now serving her community with excellent IT services while empowering women and girls with top-notch IT skills. As an edu-tech company, she shares over her social media platforms insightful, intriguing as well as eminent content on topical issues that concern computer technology as a whole. […]

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