“What I ordered for versus what i received”

One of the major lessons every business owner needs to learn in the world’s current economic situation (Cameroon) is owning an online space.

With the coming of the covid 19 pandemic, many people were taken aback as millions of businesswomen and men lost their businesses or at least experienced a drastic failure mainly because of the lack of a virtual means of operation.

The lessons were learned and are still being learned that no matter the strength of your physical sales, devising other means of selling especially online is no longer debatable.

If the world becomes covid free someday(our earnest wish), business will never become tech-free!

This does not rule out the “what I received versus what I ordered for” crisis.

It is only an awareness for you to gain tech skills to use that knowledge to judge the authenticity and credibility of trusting businesses online.

Trust me, when you are tech-smart, you become a victor over cyber criminals.

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