Beyond Nerdity and programming bugs!

There is something in computer technology, called “bugs”. Simply put, these are errors in one’s code that causes a malfunction in the computer program. When there is a bug in your code, your program automatically has a malfunction which causes your program to read different results from what you create. And until a bug is […]

Becoming the next big thing

Hi techies!!! Today I just wish to remind you that there are over 7 billion people breathing on earth. In that 7 billion, there are at least 213.65 million companies out here according to Statistica and at least 6 billion people working extremely hard to become the next big thing. Truth be told, you got […]

Do not Give Up just yet!

Welcome to another positive week for You! We have just one word for you: DO NOT under any circumstance give up! No dear, don’t do it! You were not saved from your last effort, pain, challenge, breakdown, or circumstance to give up just now. Really? Do you think it’s worth it? Please don’t do it […]

Workplace performance

Workplace Performance. While salary increase is arguably the biggest motivating factor to push an employee to efficiency elasticity, over boarding the profit margin is the most consoling factor for every employer. Such is the drive of workplace performance! Performance in the workplace is a major driver of influence: It is very usual to hear bosses […]

Technology and Innovation!

Technology and Innovation Technology is the melting pot of every innovation on planet earth! Technological innovation is what propels every business to move forward: It is the driving force of entrepreneurship. As we move in and out of seasons, year after year, innovation becomes all the more an inherent part of our tech careers as […]

“What I ordered for versus what i received”

One of the major lessons every business owner needs to learn in the world’s current economic situation (Cameroon) is owning an online space. With the coming of the covid 19 pandemic, many people were taken aback as millions of businesswomen and men lost their businesses or at least experienced a drastic failure mainly because of […]

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