What is a good brand proposition?

In our previous article, we clearly pointed out that great adverts are a plus to your brand development but building your brand proposition alone makes all the difference. However, we did not go into the nooks and crannies of brand proposition which is our focus for today.

A brand proposition, also called a brand statement refers to the benefits a consumer derives from your brand. Your brand proposition is not only what people benefit from but more specifically, what “unique” benefit they get from you not found in other brands. You can as well call your brand proposition your brand offer!

There are criteria to evaluate what a good brand proposition should look like proposed by Amplified Marketing.

A good brand proposition should be able to respond to the needs of its customers. What you represent, always cross-check to ensure that it is what people need. Not only should it meet present needs, but future needs as well. Before calving out a brand statement, ensure that what you promise your clients should be able applicable even after today. Avoid making empty promises which can cost your business lifespan.

A good brand proposition should be simple, clear, and concise! This will aid understanding. When people understand what you represent, they relate better and find your brand worth clinging to. Make your brand unique, engaging, and relevant to the people

A good brand proposition should connect with the audience on an emotional level. Business long left the “selling for selling sake” to “building a relationship with clients”. Be able to create a feeling of value, acceptance, and equity in your brand statement. Let the audience feel love and esteem connecting with you.

There are brands without clearly defined propositions, there are brands with propositions and there is the brand with a good proposition. For you to belong where “brands with good propositions are”, you have to consider very seriously the above listed points.