Girls in Tech Are those with the right orientation!

What would you do if, after your years of study, you are told that your certificate is invalid?

No one can ever wish to spend years studying just to realize that it is valueless in the job market. Sad enough, most of us have gone through this process and some are still going through it.

This draws us to the point of orientation. Generally, it is advised that before taking a major decision that can affect your life, seek counsel. Many of us found our way into the University by merit and sailed through by the same merit but only realized that merit is just a subset of the whole journey.

We sometimes find ourselves in this mess because we go after what we love. In as much as it is advised that you follow a passion, it is most advised that you train your passion to suit the trend of work. Your passion is not just to serve humanity but equally to keep you financially viable so as to stay alive and fit to pursue your passion better.

Do we really get to think about this?

Not to repeat the errors of the past, more women are advised to explore the field of tech. Tech is the center of the future of work and as a woman who intends to stand out in the future workspace, empower your tech skills.

datagirltech.com is visionary about the future and is creating a space for women in tech. Are you going to create a space for yourself?