Hello Tech-nation!

Decision-making happens to be one of the toughest things to do as far as the human race is concerned. Sometimes, we can wish to become babies just to escape the point where we have to decide on something especially if it costs a lot or will hurt those we love. I remember when I was much younger as a student, It took me almost a month to come to terms with the fact that I failed my end-of-year exams after putting in sweat and blood to reading. I almost made the worst decision of my life during that period.

Taking a decision when you are sad or over-excited is never a good option. Decision-making is an intellectual exercise that does not warrant the play of emotions. In order to make smart decisions, being in a sound mind is the safest thing to do. Many have lost lives because they thought their experience was the worst to ever happen to mankind, thus, took a decision to end their lives.

Our emotions are part of us and we build our lives putting our emotions to the test. The true test of having your emotions under control is saying NO when your emotions say YES. It’s a hard decision to make but the best and safest.

We all at some point have taken bad decisions that have costed us at least our “time”. Forging ahead after realizing how bad the decisions we took were, is difficult but the best thing to do.

As easy as it looks, taking a decision is a bed of roses with thorns. The mistakes you make in the process might not be reverted. That is why as smart tech enthusiasts, we must put our knowledge to practice.

Coding is fun but when there is an error on the codes, the heartbreak is fatal. That is why it is necessary to be extremely careful not to click on the wrong figure.

Rather than rush into wrong decisions because your emotions are clouding your judgment, choose to think over and over again before deciding on anything! That notwithstanding, do not let opportunities pass you by! Be smart in whatever decisions you make.

NB: For those who are yet to decide, think of the future of work before choosing a career path, and I promise you that tech is one of the best career paths to choose.

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