Women! take up your spaces!

It saddens the heart whenever I think of the computer illiteracy in our community especially on the part of ladies who feel tech is for the men. Many go to school yet can’t do the basics when it comes to computers. The billion question is; how do we even expect to cope in a technologically advancing world?

It would not take long before you are kicked out of the workspace because of your lack of computer skills. Now, a lot has already been said online on different platforms about the importance of digital skills, and is still being said.

Truth is, not all will take heed. Some will wait till the obvious hits them. However, this post is certainly not for such. This is for a few out there who have taken up their sleeves to ensure that they are equipped for the future!

This is for all young girls and women fighting day and night to break free from the mental slavery of “tech is for men”. In fact, tech is for all, especially the women.

Do you know that with your creative, multi-tasking, and diligent minds you can place yourself not only on the tech map but financial map of the world?

Women, it is not magic; it takes your discipline, attitude towards learning, patience and a lot more to become a ‘techpreneur’ (technology+ entrepreneurship).

Some of us did not study computer engineering, but with the desire driven by strong will, we have found our way in IT today and we are journeying in it. It is a journey we all can venture and it is easier when we journey together.

Give yourself no excuses today. We are here to help you and your business grow. We will give you the business presence it deserves. 

We will train you in the best way ever with IT skills and place you in a profitable market space.

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