Cohort 2 of Full Stack Web Development programming

“In some ways, programming is like painting. You start with a blank canvas and certain basic raw materials. You use a combination of science, art, and craft to determine what to do with them.”-Andrew Hunt At the same time, it is fun, collaborative, creative, and insightful.You get the opportunity to process thoughts faster, think critically […]

Beyond Nerdity and programming bugs!

There is something in computer technology, called “bugs”. Simply put, these are errors in one’s code that causes a malfunction in the computer program. When there is a bug in your code, your program automatically has a malfunction which causes your program to read different results from what you create. And until a bug is […]

Call For Applications!

Our doors are now open to receiving your applications for Cohort 2 of our Full-Stack Web Development BootCamp!!! If you want to become a part of the next generation of Full-Stack Web Developers,here is your chance! Apply for our cohort 2 intensive BootCamp training and become a Full-Stack Web Developer in just 3months! Apply now […]

Training the next generation of female Web Developers!

Hi everyone, We are excited to let y’all know that our Web Development BootCamp is officially up and running! Starting on a positive note, this is already so promising for the future of female Web Developers in Cameroon and Africa. We are happy to train these geniuses and we trust our instructors to deliver to […]

Focus on being empowered!

Hi there! Here is a reminder for You! Creating a path in the tech industry is not that easy to do unless you create that path from within. Everything seems to have already been developed and dealt with, yet people keep inventing new things every day. The only reason you seem not to find what […]

Creating awareness of the Tech essence!

Hi everyone! We have been taught to believe for too long that if you study “accounting” in school, you are an accountant if you studied “law and political science”, you are a lawyer/possible politician and if you studied the English language, you would probably be an amazing writer. We have not been thinking far from […]


Hello people, If you ever intend to impact, innovate and create change, you should take technology seriously. Technology did not come to play! You can be of great influence in your community but you can take that influence worldwide with just a click. Shying away from trying new things is never going to place you […]

Join our Team Today!

Hi guys! While you go about your activities, reflect on the impact of technology in our world today. It sometimes feels like a dream that just yesterday, the businesses we knew to be the top in town have been pushed to the side by those who were swift enough to grasp the power of technology […]

New Partner Alert!

Hello, World! Datagirltech.com is that one woman army that can push the African woman to any length when it comes to her tech capacity. However, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. Datagirl will be partnering with shecodes foundation to teach girls how to code for a period of 6 […]

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