Tech, the Ultimate tool for wealth creation

It took our fathers and grandfathers years of work and experience to find their uniqueness and way of wealth creation.

Today, it will take us some level of intelligence to tap into our identities and earn.

And in the future, it will take our children their own share of input to gain wealth.

Let’s call our fathers and grandfathers generation Y and call today’s generation and the next, generation X.

While generation Y struggled and took long hours to work and earn, generation X has less to worry about. By less, I don’t mean the work is no longer there, but that the ways of doing the work have been made easy.

You have yourself to blame if instead of the hours spent adding figures to your account, you spend it doing the manual job simply because you can’t operate the system of today.

And by that system I mean technology!

The most important asset you have right now to make it up for your future is “time”.

The most appropriate time is “now”

And the most important skill you need is “tech”.

Put these three concepts together and make yourself relevant in today’s dispensation.

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Stop blaming your past failure and fix your future!

You have from now to be better!

Have a great day dear You, make the most of every opportunity you find!