What does it mean to be responsible?

What does it mean to be responsible?

The thing about waiting on others most times is that you never have a plan of your own and you appear to be irresponsible.

I have stood by the roadside for over an hour waiting on a friend who forgot we planned a trip together and decided to go for a party without letting me know.

I was more than furious when that happened but what could I do by then?

Many of us get caught up in delays, cancellation of programs, time mismanagement, and all sorts of failures because we involve others in our plans or we make plans with others without a backup plan which presumes a sense of irresponsibility still.

Working with others is the best form of self-actualization because you get to test your skills, your attitude, and even get different ideas of things you could never have thought of all by yourself.

But the pain of this is having to share responsibility, depend, or wait on others to get tasks done. Which is good though!

That is why you need to choose those you collaborate with wisely and above all always think “independently”.

“Work with a team, but think on your own”.

Never neglect the power of teamwork but make sure you build a sense of responsibility not to always be caught in situations of “waiting in despair”.

PS: Make plans each day and to those plans add backup plans.

That is what being responsible is.





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