The one thing you are never told about commitment!

You have been told time without number how important it is to be committed to your plans in order to achieve your goals but one thing you are hardly told is that you can only commit to one thing at a time.

At every one point in your career journey, you have to commit to one thing that will pull you up from one area of growth to the next!

Sometimes you get so overzealous in your career chase that you find yourself committing to everything and nothing. You cannot be effective and efficient if your energy is spread all around the place always.

Even as a multi-tasker, there are points you do one thing at a time.

Remember there are many steps you have to pass through in order to get to your desired end. Whatever level you are at presently, try not to fall victim to committing to more than is required.

You commit to a single task at a time because you want to produce tangible results. You do not only want to be known for what you have done, but you want to be known for your excellence, efficiency, effectiveness, and even uniqueness. And all of that will happen when you set plans, and effectively commit to them.

Find out what it is you want to learn, improve, work on, or uproot. Write down what it will take to get there, carve out a plan with steps, then commit to one step at a time.

Watch yourself in less than no time crushing your goals and winning!

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