Hello Data Girl Family!

We are kick-starting the year with something huge for y’all!

What can be more intriguing to us than helping ladies out here conquer this 2022 in tech?

We are no time wasters! Operations are already running and we believe we are out to disrupt the status quo.

To all the girls who gave a thought about getting into tech last year but were not courageous enough to take a step, to those who missed out on our training because of one problem or another, and to those who want to make a difference this year by not adhering to naysayers, now is the time!

Just to remind you, there is no saint coming to rescue you from your inability, lack, or excuses. No one is on standby to supply all your life needs and ensure your future remains bright as you wish. The only person is the person you see when you face the mirror.

That person is YOU!

It is either you put in the work this year as early as possible, or your year turns out exactly like the previous! You certainly do not wish for that, do you?

We are organizing a 6months intensive Web Development Bootcamp from February 15 just for you!

Your dream of becoming a full-stack web developer is right here!

Grab it while you can!

Details on the flyer. Do not hesitate to reach out to us through the numbers on the flyer for any information.

Hit the link below to register and secure your spot!