3 powerful planning hacks to help you stay focused this 2022

Many people feel that computer nerds have little or nothing to plan about. They feel all you have to do is wake up in the morning, fall on codes, get a break at some point, get back in front of your computer, till the next day. Well, how do you actually plan a life that has little activities involved?

To shock you, even if you got just an agendum for a day, you’ve got to plan. I’ll show you why:

“The worst thing that can happen this year is not that you do not achieve your dreams but that you leave this year the same as you got in”. Sometimes achieving your goals does not only depend on you but on external forces such as others. However, depending on others to achieve is the weakest thing to do, that is why you need to focus on your plans in order to achieve them.

Without a plan, you definitely have no goal of waking up, you should probably go back to bed.

Here are 3 powerful ways you can create a focused plan for yourself that will help you crush those/that programming goal(s):

  1. When writing down your “to-do-list”, make sure your top daily activities should be those of priority. Do not fill your day with activities without a priority. Ask yourself, what comes first?
  2. Even if you got nothing doing for a day, or just one thing to be done, write it down as your only plan of the day. When you practice “planning”, you are practicing “achieving”. So if all you want to learn for a day is how to create a button, write it down!
  3. Finally, set out to achieve. If you want to be a focused planner, you have to be action oriented. No matter how little what you have to do is, if you put it down as a goal of the day, do not procrastinate. You will be shocked at how days will turn to weeks, months and a full year. Without action, all your plans are wishes.

How do you stay focused in order to achieve your plans? Share your thoughts in the comment section.