One thing that has always marked me about culture, is “commonality”. It is the shared/common characteristics or features among a group of people.

The thing about commonality is if it is not shared it is not common!

Technology was built with some form of commonality because it uses a lot of tools containing shared features and it is open for all!

My question for you, at the end of the year, is; what new tech skills have you gained to emerge in your career or field of study? Remember that every sector has its commonalities which if you can’t live up to, you can’t survive in that space!

These are some driving factors that make up the puzzle, which is most often neglected!

One thing Data Girl Technologies does for the average Cameroonian is that she makes coding fun, simple and affordable.

We pride ourselves in women who take up spaces in the tech world and our goal is to see that that comes to pass in Cameroon and Africa!

We are the community with well-tailored objectives and a culture that sets us apart!

Our commonality is making tech accessible for every Cameroonian lady!

Find out more about us at datagirltech.com

Happy new week guys!