Workplace Culture!

To every workplace, there is a culture!

One thing many small businesses are yet to build is the business culture. We build brands, get good team players, allocate resources, yet there is something still lacking to give the business the credibility it deserves. That is the workplace culture!

Workplace culture is the sum total of your business lifestyle. It is the embodiment of your business character, values, belief systems, and laws. It is what makes your business YOU!

As it is said that “a man without culture goes like a golden ring in a pig’s snout”, building a business brand without a business culture is building a castle in the air-the foundation remains hanging.

Workplace culture should be part of the business model during the development phase. A business with a defined culture is simply a perfect business that attracts growth. What can your business show forth to prove it has a workplace culture?

Firstly, your business’ vision should be spelled out clearly. Let your team know exactly where you are headed in the next 5-10 years. That will tell you the kind of attitude to ignite among team members. Culturally speaking, every tribe and nation has a future they look forward to. That is why they do everything possible to preserve their culture. Some of the things being done are; speaking of the language, organizing cultural events, observing cultural dates, etc.

This is similar to your workplace culture. In order to keep the vision alive, remind team members about your values, beliefs, and why they are there in the first place. Each day, have your team represent your vision in one way or another to keep the spirit alive.

To be continued…

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