Stay True to Your Codes!

It is about that time of the week where we call it a week, take off the work heels/boots, put on our relaxation suits, and “hit the streets” in local parlance. Nothing is more enjoyable than a problem-free life!

People always say they’ll trade nothing for their happiness! This is true because no one enjoys a sad-looking face.

For my few encounters with pain and tears, whenever I am out of it, I look for the best way possible never to find myself there. Is that not what we all should be doing?

As easy as it appears, healing is a journey on its own in life. There are times I have gotten frustrated with codes as if it were my life. Getting the desired effect when coding does not come all that easy. You would have to try, try, and try again, and sometimes, try again just to end up with undesired results.

But do you know what, a typical developer would make use of all developer tools that exist, even deny food just to ensure that their codes come out right.

To excel in your sphere of influence is to tell your self “till I see results, I’ll keep working on my strategies. We all should cultivate the mind of developers, which is that of persistence and resilience!

So before you go all out shouting “thank God it’s Friday”(TGIF), ensure that you have reconciled your goals and codes of the week!

But hey, don’t forget to take a break, relax, and be taken care of!

A peaceful weekend to y’all from your number one edu-tech start-up in Cameroon, datagirltech.org!