The top skills needed as a Web developer!

Just like any other discipline in the workspace, you need skills as a web developer to grow. It is interesting to note that these skills do not only have to do with being able to code and manipulate the functionality of a website. It has a lot more to do with the intellect or better still what we call “soft skills”. In this article, I will share with you one critical skill you need to build to become an outstanding web developer.

Over the years, developers are termed as one of the most relevant sets of humans on earth because of the mind-blowing innovations they have created, from websites to mobile apps for example. In fact, the tendency is that many people tend to refer to them as proud because they feel that “they have arrived”.

This is not far from the truth! I am tempted to believe that they have actually arrived! Come to think of it, how do you explain the functioning of a search engine like google or that of a large social media platform like Facebook? Developers are truly heroes/heroines.

The crucial thing here is not even the developer tools nor hard skills. It is the soft skill that I would highlight as “analytical thinking”. A developer must be a critical analyst.

Analytical thinkers/critical analysts simply put, are problem solvers!

There is no way in the world that one can be able to empower girls with digital skills without being able to identify the problems facing these girls, and how building digital skills will solve these problems.

Web applications are here to solve digital crises for businesses and individuals. It is your job as a developer to diagnose the needs of your clients and meet them.

Web development is beyond the sites you see every day, it is more of mind work! Have your reasoning faculty alert because in the years coming, if you do not make use of your analytic skill properly, a robot might replace you!