Focus on being empowered!

Hi there!

Here is a reminder for You!

Creating a path in the tech industry is not that easy to do unless you create that path from within. Everything seems to have already been developed and dealt with, yet people keep inventing new things every day. The only reason you seem not to find what new thing to do is cause you are focusing on what others are doing.

There are a million and one problems out here that need developers to get it done. But what are you doing about it? All you need to do is learn the relevant skills of problem-solving and start solving the problems around you.

Forget about what Bill Gates has done, or what Elon Musk is doing. Focus on what you need to know to become who you need to be. The people I mentioned are where they are because they focused on themselves and the problems they identified and sought ways to solve them.

As a developer, you must be a critical thinker and problem solver. What will set you apart is the difference you make and how you make use of your skills.

Now, whenever you pick up a project, have this in mind “I want to solve a problem and leave my legacy”. When you think of your identity and how to solve problems, your tech game will take another turn.

Girls have you registered to learn how to build websites? How do you want to be empowered to be financially free?

It is through empowerment training as this organized by Data Girl Technologies that you learn and discover the hidden potential in you!

Visit us at datagirltech.org or call 670595283. We begin on Tuesday next week!