Creating awareness of the Tech essence!

Hi everyone!

We have been taught to believe for too long that if you study “accounting” in school, you are an accountant if you studied “law and political science”, you are a lawyer/possible politician and if you studied the English language, you would probably be an amazing writer.

We have not been thinking far from the truth though! The essence of going to school is to be able to apply what we have learned in the classroom at the workspace. However, most of what we have been learning for a long time now is parallel to the needs of those in the real world and we can hardly be paid for.

That is why we encourage you, day in and out to leverage skill acquisition, certifications, volunteerism, and internships that can create opportunities for yourself and keep you fit for the market.

How good are you with technology?

“Ignoring tech skills today is like embracing sleep and hoping to wake up to success one day.”

What are you doing this month of October? Get the chance to learn something new and different

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