Coding is Our Game of Pride!

Hi Guys,

Every work in life is a game and we all are players. It is primal, to understand how this game works and choose carefully where you truly want to play effectively. The crux here is, how many people realize that they are in a game? I often hear people time without numbers make statements like “life is a race”, “play your game wisely”, “the winner is the best player”, etc. All these statements point to the fact that life is a game. But the worry here is, how many of you really understand the game of life?

When I watch football, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis, cricket, and all other collective games, I notice some things happen during the game:

-Every individual is an active player

-The goal of each team/individual is to win

-No one cares about the individual who hasn’t the ball

-The focus is the goal post!

-Every player is time conscious/competition conscious.

-In the playing process, each individual is living their dream.

Drawing from the lives of those who are into sports, how can you apply these truths in your business and career? In your life game, what is your ultimate focus and how are you working towards attaining that goal?

Data Girl Tech is an exciting “game institute” for girls who desire to code. We are out to empower women with digital skills for financial independence. The ultimate goal here is to place the Cameroonian girl at a suitable position in the future of work in tech.

Each code we create is a happy game we play! We live every moment, at our best, serving our clients the most and working hard to make our team happy.

At datagirl.com, we make empowering girls with digital skills the goal, and coding our pride!

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