Building A Legacy

The only thing that will matter at the end of each day will be what you were able to ride home with- your legacy. While others tie their legacies to their after-life impact, my legacy is bonded in every step I take each day. I do not just want others to enjoy what I live behind, I equally want to be pleased with myself as I move forward.

Building a legacy is like the finishing touches given to a building. You can raise a beautiful mansion but once your finishing is poor, consider your finance wasted. The day I made a decision to pursue a career in tech, that was the day I started building a legacy for all women/girls in Cameroon in tech.

Not that I have attained my goals but that my daily goals are attained which mount up to the legacy I create along the way. It is just the beginning but it is worth mentioning.

This path that is being created by the Data Girl family is one that is already yielding fruits and it is no doubt that till the end of time, this legacy will live on. Because our story is relevant and we have chosen to make each day count for every woman who desires to grow in tech, our story is not just read by thousands in Cameroon but is sent out to millions out there.

Today, we are listed on the world’s most prominent magazine which is proof that whatever legacy you want to leave, starts with what you do now!

We are on a journey, a very long-lasting one but we take each day as the only one we have, and so give life our best. And from it, we harvest the best!

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