Hello World!

In agriculture, the process of cultivation happens to be the most difficult thing I know of. It starts from preparing the land through the cutting of the grass, to the tilling of the soil. It can be so frustrating with the use of a hoe especially when the sun is up and you have to cover a vast area of land before the seed is planted. Those who have lived in rural communities know exactly what I’m talking about.

Cultivation happens to be the most severe yet most essential part of growing crops. If the soil you desire to plant a seed in isn’t well cultivated, be sure to go home with a poor harvest during the harvest season. This is to say that the foundation you lay for the seed you intend to grow is pivotal.

This is because, in order to produce results, you must first lay down groundworks such as tilling, cutting, pruning, developing as well as molding. And for all these to happen, it takes a while. That is why it is called cultivation because it is a process.

This is the case for tech enthusiasts. First and foremost, if you have not cultivated the love for this field, be rest assured never to excel in it. Read that again!

Technology is adorable, programming is quite interesting as it is a very lucrative field for all in the next 1000 centuries. But to “hit the jackpot” will require full dedication. It is not a day’s job!

Each one of us must first cultivate a desire, then action plans so as not to give up halfway. This goes especially to you ladies who get excited over what appears to be glamorous and exciting but are hardly patient enough to put in the work to arrive full potential.

If you must be the lady with a difference, build a career in tech, and be listed on world magazines such as Forbes for example, you must cultivate the character of those who have gone before.

Begin today by writing down two habits you want to cultivate from two female programmers you admire.