Happy New Month!

Hello Tech-nation!

A happy new month to you from the Data Girl family!

Welcome to the month of achievements. If there is one thing you want to watch out for this new month is procrastination. Nothing is achieved under the umbrella of “I will”.

Do not put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Make an effort to be action-oriented. You will not achieve the big things this month if you can’t dedicate yourself to small daily tasks.

Charles Dickens calls procrastination the “thief of time”. Nothing will take away your time unless that which you allow to. There are and there will always be distractions, roadblocks, as well as speed breaks. But what you should never give a chance to is procrastination. Do not let little setbacks derail you. Keep your eyes fixed on the goal!

If you give procrastination a chance, it will drag your daily achievements into months and your months into years. What you ought to achieve in a short period will take forever to come through because you have chosen to fan laziness and procrastination.

Self-discipline is the only remedy for your achievements from this month onward. Do not pamper in your life that which will hinder your dreams from coming to life. Be a warrior for the things you desire because life in its self is a battle.

What is that one thing you have been planing all your life to do? Did you achieve your goals for last month? Have you set goals for this month?

Since you promised yourself a new journey in tech, have you accomplished anything thus far?

Evaluate yourself, and take fresh decisions for the better!

This month will be different for you if take one step ahead of procrastination. Get it done now, or add it up to your list of worries.