Be Creators of your own future!

Hello, friends of Data Girl Technologies!

Drawing from life experience, if you do not love what you see or what others do, save yourself some trouble by creating yours.

You will agree with me that every successful business idea sprung from a point of dissatisfaction. Bill Gates was not satisfied with the level of technology, Mark Zuckerberg was dissatisfied with global communication, Jeff Bezos did not like the market quality of the world, and Robert Kiyosaki was dissatisfied with the lack of financial intelligence. In any case, there was dissatisfaction, discontent, and a need for improvement.

However, none of these successful people succeeded because they were dissatisfied but that they went ahead to act on their dissatisfaction by creating solutions. Many and millions of people complain. We all do. The difference is, while others bring out solutions, the rest sit with the complaints. The question is, who are you waiting for to solve your problems?

Women/girls, Data Girl Tech was created to solve your digital problems through our training, workshops, thereby creating opportunities for you in the tech world for financial independence. Unless you forever want to remain a cry baby, learn to code and built a unique world of your own.

Money does not live in space but in ideas. Those with brilliant solutions get the greatest shares. Choose where you want to belong: it is either with the top 5% or the rest of the 95%. But note that your choices determine your consequences.