Coding, the new Recycling!

Hello Tech-Nation!

Let us talk today about something very common and unusual. The concept of recycling!

It has to do with converting waste materials into useful and new material materials. This concept is embraced mostly by environmentalists who seek to protect the environment. Many have sought ways of making money through recycling waste. I could go on to name the number of materials that are being recycled around the world daily, but let us leave that for another.

Every state, community, have in one way or another developed different ways in protecting the environment through waste management. Cameroon for instance has a Hygiene and Sanitation company (hysacam) specialized in waste management. Recycling waste materials is one of the ways of managing it.

I think waste recycling aside technology is one of the smartest things that people have done. Those who recycle simply make us understand that “they can transform lemons into millions”. When waste is recycled, it shows proof of 2things;

Creativity and Need. What I see when I look at waste is different. You see dirt, I see opportunities!

Women like Leonette Ayeah in Cameroon need to be celebrated for their creativity and problem-solving.

If only we all can think as such when we are being told to learn how to code. Computer codes are like waste materials, you only see their importance when the final product is out. It is tough, needs discipline, consistency and hard work. But at the same time, it is a key to financial independence. When you master it, it becomes fun and is enjoyable.

Girls in Cameroon are encouraged to get involved and be a part of this revolution. Look at barriers five to ten years from now that you place on yourself by not learning how to code. Take a look at tires that are being transformed into beautiful couches. Who could ever imagine? What about you?

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