The Depression of the Digital Age!

I wonder at the rate of increased suicides that occur every day in our world of today. More saddening is the age group (averagely 15-30).

I thought with the increase in technology, the increase in education, and the rise of purpose-driven youths in our community, many will shun killing themselves, funny! Life has been improved a great deal and people are working so hard daily to ensure the best for themselves and probably their families.

Not so sure what can push people to go crazy to the extent of taking their own lives, but after carrying out brief research, I realized there is more to suicide which those who have never been there will hardly ever understand.


I guess the only reason suicide is worst than depression is because once life is lost, you cannot have it back.

It is usual to tell people going through a hard time in life “to be hopeful”. But how do you tell someone who lost his parents, that is their only means of survival to be hopeful? In what exactly? This might seem corny, but people die because of that.

According to a report from the World Health Organization, globally, over a 264million lives suffer from depression. When an individual goes through pain, which can lead to anxiety, trauma, and apparently mental disorder, one is suffering from depression.

As I said, I don’t know why people take their lives after going through depression and I do not equally know why people harbor pain for long that leads to mental disorders and sometimes suicide.

One thing I do know is, there is nothing that cannot be fixed once you set your mind to it. As easy as it is said than practiced, depression is a doom you do not wish to encounter. From a place of healing, depression is worst than poison. It is a venom that once it gets into you, the chances become limited to ever become the “you of before” .

But again, one thing is sure, you are healing!

Life really does not give us all the answers we seek nor does it tell you what to expect. If you got breath, there is a reason. The earlier you seek the why of your existence, the better. Maybe, just maybe it might pull you out of a situation.

Trust me, thinking that what you are experiencing or have experienced is worth losing your mind for, try starting a new page, it will not take long before you heal. You can heal and move on, what is holding you back is not even the pain, it is you thinking you cannot survive.

If only you know…if only you know how strong you are, if only you know how little that heartbreak or loss is, if only you know how smart you are to make it!

If only we can tell ourselves “it is not worth it!”. We care so much about pain that we forget about ourselves. Give yourself the chance to know happiness. Depression is truly not worth it!

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