What You should know as a developer!

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Things you should know as a developer!

There exist two schools of thought in the world of today; the optimists and the pessimists. The optimists believe that there’s hope while the pessimists believe that there’s no hope. The optimists are passionate about turning lemons into millions while pessimists try to squeeze the last “juicy life out of lemons”.

The tendency with most of us is that we hate pessimists but act like one. We desire, hope, and sometimes plan to move but when the least wind of setback sets in, we go into our shelves. Winning in life is not by default. You need to work smart to win. It is easy to feel negative about a situation especially when we seem not to see the light ahead forthcoming but it is preferable to be positive in every situation.

Whether we all choose, like it or not, life does not happen without problems. What happens is while others capitalize on seeking solutions, you capitalize on the problem. There is little chance in life for those who feel they carry the biggest troubles. When you ponder on a thing for long, it automatically shares a part of life with you. You will endanger your future the most if you feel negative about the little things around you today.

Anger, pain, bitterness, and regret are emotions each human shares. But those who end up happy and fulfilled are those who choose to counter that with optimism, joy, peace, comfort above all else. Belonging to a given school of thought is your choice to make. It defines you in numerous ways.

For example, if you are an optimist, running a business or developing a website can be easy for you. Do you know why? Because you dedicate yourself to it and always see to it that no matter the roadblocks you encounter, you will ensure that it comes out successful.

Success in life is for the optimists. If you feel that whatever troubles that befall you should break you, it will forever be so. So as a developer, make sure you are ready to give in your time and dedication to grow your skill and monetize it.