Skill Expansion

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With the epic invention of various technologies, have you ever thought of or sought the origin of some of these amazing developments for one second? Of course, some of you have while quite a number of you have not. Certainly, most of us do not find the need to know beyond what pays the bills.

But it will shock us to know that our level of poverty is a result of the so little we know. Gone are the days when you had little to worry about if you were a graduate from a professional school with salaried security. Gone are those days when you could learn to stitch dresses, mark, sew, bake cakes, do pastries, and all and you will brag as a person with a valuable skill.

Not that these skills are not paying the bills again, nor are they less valuable, but that the times have changed and so have the stakes. It is not enough to have a “matricule”, know how to bake, or have a job at an office. What counts is how much knowledge we build each day to keep up with the times.

Education is and will continue to be the key! I did not say “going to school”, neither did I say “certificates,” I said education! There are thorns of strategies nowadays to learn and avenues made available for personal growth. People have written, are writing, and will keep writing on different issues that concern your field. The question is how much have you read?

How much do you know that will set you apart?

Let’s look at this example, say A and B are bakers. A is concerned with baking various kinds of cakes, bread and knows all the tactics to mingle with flour and produce a delicious piece. People love A for A’s skill. B on the other hand is equally very good with the hand. B is a “flour beast”. Anything B touches with flour turns into something edible. Aside from the flour, B spends time reading about entrepreneurship, knows the latest innovations, and has personal development and finance knowledge.

B is always very engaging with clients. In fact, B can be termed as “having a Ph.D. in general knowledge”. Who do you think will last in business? And who do you think will be the richest? food for thought. I started this write-up by asking how many of us take out time to find out the origins of innovations, do researches, and all. Knowing your field of specialty is superb but building knowledge extensively is best.

You can never tell whom you will meet, where, on what grounds, and on what occasion. As you build your businesses and careers, make a habit to step out of your lane and learn one or two things that can place you ahead of others. Many people are into what you are into. What will set you apart is the fact that you are into many areas that not everyone cares about. Your skills will pay your bills, true, but your continued learning and knowledge expansion in diverse areas will bring you wealth.

–Commit today to read something different even for 10 minutes on an unusual topic. You can find out who invented glasses that we all enjoy today.–listen to the news, (which happens to be so boring for most youths) you might just get a new business idea on how to solve a crisis.–For those who work 24/24, in your 10 minutes break, watch a comedy skit, short movie or listen to an inspiring song. You will learn and be entertained. Do not be the kind of person who cannot engage in a conversation when you are out of your field. It doesn’t mean “try to know everything”, but try to know a little more.

BTW: Shigetaka Kurita is the man who invented the first emoji in 1999.????

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