CODING: the language of the Century!

Happy new week Peeps!

What are you speaking up for this week?

At every point of life, someone somewhere is standing up for something. Whether for an improvement, a certificate, exam, food, relationship, or whatever, people are always up for something.

There’s always an underlying message behind each word, action, or gesture that is put out there. Do you know why? Because someone somewhere is speaking up.

Women are sometimes considered “nagging” because they have chosen to speak up. If someone is speaking up then there’s definitely something not right somewhere and they feel the need to correct or improve the situation.

Whatever the case, we encourage you this week to speak up! Don’t die in silence. Tolerance is a virtue but becomes stupid if we are neither helping ourselves nor the person(s) involved in our silence.

Do not tolerate what is wrong. Speak up for the right course. That’s how we correct the past.

-if you have been holding it all inside, let loose this week. Free yourself.

–Tell someone about it, write it out.

Just so you know, “by learning to create technology, girls learn to speak”– Regina Agyare.

–Even in tech, we speak up! Create your own language and translate it to the world!!