Add to your IT skill, financial intelligence.

Hi guys!

Today happens to be one of those rainy days where there is just a lot to be done yet you really don’t want to leave your bed. It just aches because one can’t sleep either knowing that one got bills to pay, self to take care of, family and other responsibilities. Even when you got no zeal for it, no drive nor passion, you got to cover expenses and so you wake up, force yourself to the bathroom and get cleaned for the day’s job.

All of these in the quest for money!

“Unfortunately we all can’t escape the hard work that precedes success but we can escape the labour that come with the money chase.” What does this mean? Money is an asset and only a means to an end. When you see money that way, you would not run after it.

What you would rather do is build systems for yourself and your generations that will attract money towards you in order to get to your ultimate end. Many of our grandparents and great grandparents died without having understood the flow of money and many of us, if care is not taken, will plunge into the same mess.

It’s obvious that we have courses in school that teach us about things that surround money such as business management, IT, Web development and all, but these institutions don’t pay keen attention to money itself.We assume we know money(my big laugh!)Money is that one idea that if you don’t pay close attention to,study it, and understand it, it will lead you in life. That is why we often run after jobs. We seek for a place to secure our illusions that “my expenses are covered”. It won’t take a single post to diagnose the concept of money nor how it functions but this is what I’ll leave you with today:

To all the ladies out there,

Seek that each day you are a step close to paying attention to your dreams, visions and your environment. Money is that one important asset that will place you in any position that you want to be but if you fail to control how it works for you, you will be a prisoner to it. That is why you should pay attention to the kind of skills, and knowledge you develop. They will lead you to the right resources necessary to create wealth for yourself.

Speaking of skills, Data Girl Technologies has decided to make life way easy for you and your future if you dedicate some time to learn and build your IT self. You cannot excel in today’s world without a touch of computer knowledge. I repeat: You cannot and will not excel nor survive today and tomorrow if you do not give yourself a touch of IT skills. Make it a goal today to register with us for subsequent trainings

Be part of the future!