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We are an IT startup company that builds computer software for businesses. We strive in empowering girls with digital skills The tech industry’s gender imbalance is no longer a secret. Just 17% of tech-specific jobs are held by women. From toys to language, teaching basic skills and busting gender myths from an early age could encourage more women into tech careers. Given that technology is now part of our culture, girls should learn to speak its language so as to become future leaders. That is why we at Data Girl Technologies empower girls with digital skills so as to give them an equal shot.

Why we need the services of an Operations Manager

An operations manager makes sure everyone is doing what they should be doing and holds the team together. It is a role of responsibility and requires a flexible person to follow up on the daily activities of the team and keep the team aligned with its objective and goals. Besides supporting the team, the operations manager will be in charge of raising funds, coordinate market analysis, and product management.

Some core responsibilities of an Operations Manager include;

  • Structure the overall processes of the company
  • Plan and review logistics, HR, and overall service
  • Contingency management
  • Execution of jobs/tasks (anything from creating policies to making sure the tech team is consistent with delivering customers task on time)
  • Maintain all our social media pages

NB; Given that we are a growing team, it is important to note that our roles may sometimes cross and minor responsibilities added as the need arises.

Selma Ndi

CEO and Founder

Data Girl Technologies

You can apply by sending an email to info@datagirltech.com with your CV and cover letter